Write confidently in a language that is not yours.

Typenik is an English Augmented Dictionary for non-native speakers. It helps you to make sure the words you put on your copy carry the intention you had in your mind.

Who is gonna love it

If you’re not a native speaker and write in English often, you will be happy to have Typenik around.
It is a toolbox that contains everything you need to clear up any doubt during your writing.

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CHAPTER ONE. Cradle of Life The Discovery of Earth's Earliest Fossils By J. WILLIAM SCHOPF Princeton University Press. Read the Review...

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Jan 17, 1971 For these five towns, so different from one another, are linked together in Mexican history as La Cuna de la Independencia (the Cradle of...

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Custom Sources

Sometimes it gets hard to know if a metaphor used in our mother language keeps working in English. The References tab allows you to search for a phrase, or part of it, in popular English publications. When Typenik finds some reference, you can go to the article and check if it matches or not your intention.

Another common situation is to make sure about the correct prepositions. Spelling and grammar checkers will point to you whether they are incorrect, but it is not enough. In the following examples, both prepositions are correct: a) I am in the hospital, b) I am at the hospital. Yet, they have very different meanings. Exploring references in popular publications is all you need to clear up this kind of doubt too.

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Jason Fried
CEO at Basecamp and best-selling author
I enjoy writing b/c swapping one word can change the feel of an idea. "Buried under email" —> "Buried beneath email". The B B alliteration upgrades the rhythm. Writing is music. Plus, "beneath" adds to the suppressive power of buried. "Under" just can’t muster the same feel.

Better understand to better express

The more you know something, the better you can communicate it. A foreign language is not an exception to this. The more you go deep on it, the better you master it. To end up with clear writing and the perfect words, you need a good understanding of English from the start. Typenik covers it through tabs like Expressions, Conjugations, Definitions, and Images.

  • Expressions

    Kick Ass

    if somethings kick ass, its really cool. Great! As in it kicks the ass of all else. It can be inanimate and still kick ass. lol- inanimate, like busted's career.

  • Conjugations
    • Present Perfect

      I have written
      you have written
      he/she/it has written
      we have written
      you have written
      they have written

    • Future

      I will write
      you will write
      he/she/it will write
      we will write
      you will write
      they will write

  • Definition


    any large, saltwater game fish of the genera Makaira and Tetrapterus, having the upper jaw elongated into a spearlike structure.

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