Free software pipeline to embolden your writing

Writing your ideas down is not an easy task. Choosing the right words, setting a tone, and removing unnecessary words are steps easier to list than to put into practice.

On the other hand, worrying too much about those aspects when you are still moving ideas from your head to your copy may disturb the process and make you fall into writer's block. See below how to build a free software pipeline that helps you focus on one step at a time.

Liberate it

The first draft of anything is shit, said Ernest Hemingway. To improve something, you must have anything in the first place. For this first step, any text editor will do the job.

Important to notice that the less features the text editor has, the more you will get from it. The most important thing at this step is to generate sentences without caring much about grammar or style. By the way, turn off everything that can steal your focus away from the only thing that matters here: your ideas.

Text editor Text Editor

Correct it

Once you consider having extracted enough information from your head to express your ideas well, go to the next step by copying the contents from the text editor and pasting it into some grammar checker. Grammarly is a great free option. The goal here is to remove all the grammar mistakes planted on your text in the previous step.

Spell Checker Spell Checker

Embolden it

With a text free from grammar mistakes on your hands, it is time to strengthen communication. At this last step, your focus is to make your sentences bold, adding style to them. Even though styling is something personal, some traits are universally well accepted. Telling more with fewer words is one of them. Hemingway Editor is the free software you can use to perform this final step.

You can use it to check which parts of your text are hard to read. To remove the excess of adverbs. And to replace the passive voice with the active one to make your writing more confident. Hemingway was an American writer famous for his style: straight sentences written in the active voice with few adverbs.

Note: Take Hemingway Editor's highlights as nothing more than suggestions. Be careful not to transform your copy into something so simple at the point it becomes simplistic.

Hemingway Editor Hemingway Editor

If you don't speak English natively, you will likely have some doubts at every step of this pipeline. To get help on this, you can use one more free software: Typenik.

Typenik is an English Augmented Dictionary designed for non-native English speakers. When your doubt involves two or more words, Typenik helps you look for references to them in popular publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, or any other you set. If you're in doubt about how to conjugate a verb, Typenik presents to you all its possible conjugations. You can also search for synonymous to remove repetition from your text, making it more attractive.

Learn more about Typenik on its website or start using it for free right now.